Speak Out: What Should the City's Logo Look Like?

A temporary logo is posted on the city of Peachtree Corners new website. What do you think the official logo should include?

In our story last week about the first meeting of the new city council, a logo was shown in several of the photos. Many wrote in expressing their dislike of the artwork.

We're told it's just temporary and was created by one of the council members, Jay Lowe, just to have something to include on the website.

So, now we'd like your thoughts on what kind of logo and tag line the new city of Peachtree Corners should have.

Some have suggested a logo that includes trees and a river. But the city is more than trees and water. What about including Tech Park or artwork that shows restaurants and shops?

And what about the tag line? Some have suggested "Live, Work, Play."

But we'd like your opinion. Just use the comment box to register your suggestions.


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Judy Putnam April 25, 2012 at 06:39 PM
Perhaps the river should be included in the logo. It helps define the boundaries - and it is a somewhat unique feature as all cities aren't so fortunate to be located on a river. I like "the city by the river" as a tag line.
richard b April 26, 2012 at 12:48 AM
I agree with most of the previous comments: tree=good; "Live. Work. Play."=good but with periods not commas; river=good. I don't like our toppers, so disagree with trying to incorporate those. I really like the big sign on 141 North as you head into P'tree Corners. Maybe incorporate the elegance of that. I suggest looking at other city logos via Google for inspiration. I liked this: http://www.plgrove.org/documents/logos/LOGO_REVERSE.gif. That's my (sometimes) humble opinion.
Chuck Konfrst April 26, 2012 at 01:19 AM
I love the concept of the image Richard found. Make the trees peachtrees, add the river, and maybe incorporate work (technology) in there and it would be good. Simple and elegant. I agree the sign toppers aren't fantastic (the tree is a little mangy to me), but believe strongly in a consistent brand visual language that is consistent across the city.
Ron Wind January 09, 2013 at 03:04 PM
As a graphic designer for 50 years and a resident of Peachtree Corners, i find ii interesting that everyone with a computer and software thinks they understand corporate identity. The rush to have a "temporary" logo is indicative of the trend to have immediate gratification. The temporary logo, in addition to being being a bad design (old fashioned, the vestigial words "city of" hanging off the top) should never have been published. It's given rise to all these comments, most of which can't be incorporated into a single logo. The idea of including peach trees, river, buildings, etc. reveals a lack of understanding of what a logo is. Look at GE, IBM, IHOP, Publix, or any serious business and you'll see that a logo is not the instrument for relating the entire history of a company or mankind since the dawn of time. A logo is a graphic device that people should recognize whenever they see it; the best ones are marked by simplliciy and graphic quality. It has to translate from small uses like business cards to large uses like billboards. The Dunwoody experience is just another example of a committee throwing thousands of dollars at a firm and accepting a bad logo borrowed from Walmart and a bad arrogant slogan based on thousands of comments like in this column. "Live Work Play" could refer to almost any entity, but it is better than "Smart People" I guess. Interestingly, Dunwoody didn't come to designers in Dunwoody; they went downtown. Wonder where Peachtree Corners will go.
Judy Putnam January 09, 2013 at 04:18 PM
Ron: The city of Peachtree Corners revealed its new logo on Sunday at the Open House. The design group, Accent Creative Group out of Lawrenceville, won top honors for the design. The new logo received a gold at the International Davey Awards beating out some 4,000 entries.


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