City Taxes Included in This Year's Tax Bills

Peachtree Corners city taxes are a line item on the Gwinnett Tax bill that's due by Oct. 15, 2012.

By now the majority of Peachtree Corners homeowners - and business owners have received their property tax bills from Gwinnett County.

There are two new details to point out, the city's portion is included in this year's bill. A separate line item listed under the heading "State, City & Other Taxes" shows 000850 under the "Mill Rate" heading which represents .85 millage rate approved by Peachtree Corners City Council earlier this year.

And secondly, unlike in previous years, the total amount is due on October 15, 2012. In the past tax payments have been broken up into two separate payments.

Peachtree Corners residents will also see a charge for county solid waste and storm water services.

Here's a comparison of the tax millage rate in other surrounding Gwinnett County cities. The millage rate of two of the cities have increased this year.

Peachtree Corners, 0.85 mills.

Berkeley Lake, 2.80

Lawrenceville, 2.16

Lilburn 4.45 (up from 4.26)

Snellville, 5.0 (down from 5.7)

Dacula, 5.7 (up from 5.128)

Duluth, 5.991 (unchanged).

Most of Gwinnett's 800,000-plus residents live in unincorporated areas, and so the county's rate determines their tax bill. The county's rate is 13.02, according to Gwinnett spokesperson Joe Sorenson. It's the same for unincorporated and incorporated areas.

However, the settlement of the Service Delivery Strategy dispute this year will come into play in the future, Sorenson added. In 2013, service districts will be set up, and the total county millage rate will be different for different areas in the county based on the service districts applied to an area.

A homeowner's property tax bill is determined by a formula that includes the assessed property value. That figure is multiplied by the millage rate, then divided by $1,000.

For additional information on what your tax money goes visit the Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner's site for a breakdown.


Suwanee Patch editor, Steve Burns contributed to this story.


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