Video of Sen. Chip Rogers' Agenda 21 Meeting Surfaces

State Senator Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock) held a meeting in October for lawmakers to hear an overview of the Agenda 21 initiative.

A video has surfaced of Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock) hosting a presentation on Agenda 21.

Better Georgia, a progressive nonprofit organization, has released a recording of a public meeting it says Rogers hosted in October with other state senate leaders. The video features a presentation by Field Searcy, who gives an overview of Agenda 21 to the lawmakers.

Agenda 21, a United Nations comprehensive plan for sustainable development, has been coined by some conservatives as a plan by the government to overtake private property through zoning and detailed land-use ordinances passed by governing bodies.

Along with Sen. Rogers, Cherokee County's newest senator, Republican Barry Loudermilk of Cassville was also in attendance. Searcy also warned against "regional governance" and public private partnerships as methods of carrying out Agenda 21.

The video goes on for roughly 54 minutes before its recorder, Seth C. Clark, is asked to stop the filming. 

To back up his theory, Searcy also showed a short clip of political consultant Dick Morris musing on his assertion that President Barack Obama has declared war on the suburbs. Morris claims President Obama will force suburban tax dollars to fund inner city projects and coerce people to eventually move into urban areas.

It also lists the public-private partnership proposal to fund toll lanes on Interstates 75 and 575 and the failed T-SPLOST initiative as examples of ways governmental entities and regional commissions are implementing portions of Agenda 21 across the state.

The video also singles out the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce as backers of Agenda 21.

As an example at the local level, Searcy also refers to the Ball Ground Recycling deal and the company's subsequent failure as "another example of a PPP (public-private partnership) that has gone sour."  

"We are trying to engage citizens to be aware of this and we need your help also to protect citizens from getting involved in this kind of thing," he later told he lawmakers. 

Patch has reached out to Rogers for his response, but the senator has not responded yet.

What's your opinion of the video?


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