Voters Get the Last Word on TSPLOST

A steady stream of Peachtree Corners residents made their way to the polls today to decide the fate of the transportation tax referendum.

Tuesday is the day that will decide if the Atlanta metro's 10 counties get the extra penny sales tax passed to fund what supporters say is imperative if the metro area is to solve its transportation woes.

A list of some 157 road, rail and other transportation projects hinge on the outcome of today's vote.

For Peachtree Corners voters, the TSPLOST vote was one of the reasons they headed to the polls today.

Patch caught up with Latoya Eaves after casting her vote at the Winters Chapel Baptist Church in Peachtree Corners.

Eaves, who recently moved here from Miami, said voting in favor of TSPLOST was a no-brainer.

"It's a opportunity to have fewer cars on the road," said Eaves who said she was an advocate for saving the environment and felt getting more cars off the road was a way to help. "I sat in Miami traffic for three years," said Eaves who moved to the area just six weeks ago.

Another voter, who did not want her name used in our story, said she also voted in favor of TSPLOST but also was concerned how the tax money would be spent.

"It's important," said the Peachtree Corners voter. "I just hope the government uses the money wisely if it passes."

If it does pass, Region 3, which includes Gwinnett County, would benefit from $8.468 billion revenue projection.

But another Peachtree Corners voter, who also requested her name not be used, said she's not buying it.

The stay-at-home mom said she was still angry over the whole Peach Pass situation and didn't trust the government to do the right thing so voted No on TSPLOST.

Polls close tonight at 7 p.m. Stay with Peachtree Corners Patch for the up-to-the minute results on the TSPLOST vote as well as the other races.

Judy Putnam July 31, 2012 at 10:35 PM
Did you vote today? Take our quick poll and tell us by a yes or no vote if you voted in favor of TSPLOST.
Bob August 01, 2012 at 11:19 AM
I voted no but voted no for the same reason that I voted against the city. Not because I distrust the government to spend my money correctly, but because we need to look at the state as an entire entity and not 12 "regions". What happens in Peachtree Corners impacts Sandy Springs, Norcross, Roswell, Duluth, and Johns Creek. We do not live in a bubble. And what happens in Atlanta as it relates to traffic and transit, also impacts Macon and Ringgold. We need a statewide plan on transportation and transit that will help us plan for the future. We do not need to continue to divide ourselves into fiefdoms and instead need to look at the state/region as a whole.


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