What is the Proposed Budget for Peachtree Corners?

Below is the budget projected in a recent Special Called Work Session by city consultants.

In the City Council's May 22 Special Called Work Session a "Preliminary Expenditure Review" was presented to the council for discussion.

The information was presented by consultants John Kachmar and John McDonough, the city managers for Johns Creek and Sandy Springs, respectively, who are working as consultants for the new city of Peachtree Corners.

In the presentation, the consultants outlined a proposed budget using the following goals:

1. Determine level of service (What does the city need to provide? What do the citizens expect?).

2. Provide funding for start-up costs (facility and support equipment and call center).

3. Provide funding for insurance, finance and accounting, legal services and a comprehensive plan.

4. Provide funding for unforeseen start-up expenditures.

5. Establish a fund balance reserve (emergency fund).

The expenditures were based on the following assumptions, including hiring the a city staff of five employees (City Manager, City Clerk, Accounting Manager, Planning and Zoning Manager and an Administrative Assistant):

City Council                           $83,111

City Manager                       $159,829

General Operations               $962,500

Finance                               $188,677

Legal Services                     $225,000

Facility Mangement              $158,000

City Clerk                            $110,892

Contingency                        $350,000

Community Development     $131,218

Designated Reserve*            $500,000

TOTAL GENERAL FUND      $2,869,225

(*The Designated Reserve amount would cover unforeseen emergencies, typically a reserve calls for an amount no less than three months of operating expenditures.)

This information was provided to the City Council for their review and consideration.

Ward May 31, 2012 at 06:51 PM
I am curious to know where the salaries of the (i) Accounting Manager, (ii) Planning & Zoning Manager and (iii) Admin Assistant are incorporated within the budget. I find it unusual that they would specifically state the salaries of the City Manager and the City Clerk, but not the remaining three positions. Do the Accounting Manager and Administrative Assistant make up the Facility Management and the Planning and Zoning Manager make up the City Council?
Bob Martell May 31, 2012 at 07:43 PM
Great question Ward...we'll be sure to post that info as soon as it becomes available. Due to the time spent discussing the total of the budget, they didnt get into the specifics of individual line items...
Judy Putnam May 31, 2012 at 09:15 PM
Ward, as I understand it the line items shown are not just salaries, but also benefits and the related costs for that office. For example, the City Clerk line includes the cost of all of the public notices the city is required to post to in its legal organ, the Gwinnett Daily Post. The Accounting Manager would be in Finance. The Planning & Zoning Manager would be in Community Development. The City Council has barely scratched the surface of the proposed budget. I understand the millage rate and budget will not be finalized until early July.
Warren Redlich June 02, 2012 at 12:22 AM
We do not generally represent cities. We sue them. But for the right price, we'd consider it. Please let us know. http://dewey-cheatham-howe.com/
Richard T. June 02, 2012 at 11:45 AM
When you demand more government, you have to pay the price. "Government is NEVER the best answer, but its ALWAYS the easiest."


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