Woodall Responds to President's State of the Union Speech

Following President Obama's fifth State of the Union Address Tuesday night, Rep. Rob Woodall issued a statement.

Credit: Liz Kennedy
Credit: Liz Kennedy
(The following is a press release issued from U.S. Representative Rob Woodall (GA 07) in response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night.)

“Tonight the President outlined his agenda for the upcoming year. While I too hope 2014 will be a year of action, it must not be a year of unilateral action by the President, and I will be working relentlessly with my colleagues in the U.S. House to ensure that it is not. President Obama expressed his frustration with Congress’ inability to come together on legislation that moves the country forward, and I share his frustration that the United States Senate, under the leadership of Harry Reid, has yet to begin the process of taking up the 171 bills that have been passed by the House and now sit unheard in the Senate. 

“In these times of divided government the task of building consensus is difficult but absolutely crucial. Sadly, the President spoke much more forcefully about his willingness to go it alone than about his willingness to build solutions together.  We cannot simply sit still while the country atrophies with partisanship, but neither can we allow the Executive Branch of government to assume more power than the Constitution allows. Notwithstanding his words tonight, my hope is that the President, and my colleagues in both the House and Senate, will embrace this Constitutional directive and craft the collaborative solutions that our Founders intended. The American people and the future of our great Republic depend upon it.”

Woodall represents the Seventh Congressional District of Georgia, which includes the majority of Gwinnett and Forsyth counties.

If you watched the President Obama's fifth State of the Union Address, what did you think? 

Do you agree or disagree with Rep. Woodall?


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