A Look At The Many Benefits of Living in Peachtree Corners

Among the advantages of living in Gwinnett County's newest city, residents enjoy civic and business organizations, festivals and parades, outstanding schools and no property tax.

The Nancy Minor Team's parade float was named the best business float in the Christmas in the Corners parade.
The Nancy Minor Team's parade float was named the best business float in the Christmas in the Corners parade.

By Nancy Minor

As the year closes and since my next article will focus on the market, I feel this need to send a thank you to the city that is my heart and soul. 

For over 33 years I have lived in Peachtree Corners, and for about 30 years I have had the honor of helping families buy and sell homes in Peachtree Corners. I have watched this area develop into a community that we were all proud to call home, and now for a year, I have watched this city improve the quality of our life.

The city has become a very desirable place to live, and the branding of the city will continue to spread the word that Peachtree Corners is a city that is booming. The boom is not just in growth but in quality of lifestyle. We offer so much and the city now offers us a chance to sell this area to the world.

In 2013, the following events have helped us showcase our city. 

We began the year on a high note with the grand opening of Peachtree Corners City Hall. This was an exciting event and if you have not seen it, you should plan a visit. You will be proud of what the city accomplished in such a short time period. We also were able to view our new city logo. The logo is wonderful and another step in marketing our city.

We have a very strong civic organization and they have continued to strengthen our community. The UPPCA serves as a body to represent the interest of the community and provide us with knowledge about changes that could impact our home values. This year the UPCCA celebrated  20 years with a Gala event. It was exciting to be there and to remember I had been at the very first meeting held in the library in Peachtree Corners. http://upcca.org/

Our business community has benefited from the Peachtree Corners Business Association and the great networking opportunities they provide our local business owners. https://www.facebook.com/PeachtreeCornersBusinessAssociation. This  group remains strong and very active.

Some new organizations appeared on the scene. The “Women of Peachtree Corners” has celebrated one year of women supporting women. A group that meets every other month, is based on the fact that women can come together, learn about different locations in Peachtree Corners and enjoy the company of other women from all walks of life. The goal is not networking as much as it is supporting each other and it is open to any woman who lives or works in Peachtree Corners.

We had another fantastic Peachtree Corners festival and people came from all around. They had the opportunity to view our city at its finest. Our name is becoming a well known city name in Georgia.

We have outstanding schools and they have continued to play a role in our city being one of the most desirable in the state. Norcross football team repeated as state champs. Wesleyan continues being one of the most sought after private schools in the state.  Our elementary schools are some of the best in Georgia. Cornerstone private school is growing and is outstanding.

We have had new businesses move in and have watched as companies discover the benefit of their employees living and working in our beautiful city.

We also could not believe our ears when we were told city taxes for this next calendar year will be $0. How many cities can say that about their city taxes? As a Realtor you can bet that this is very attractive to buyers moving into the area.

The city officials continued to look out for it’s citizens.  They negotiated a fantastic deal for garbage pick up and we will all save money because of their skill in finding the best service for the least amount of money.

The big concern was and still is the land across from The Forum. I have confidence in our local government and that their decisions will be made in our best interest.

Another area of concern that will face Peachtree Corners in the future, is what will happen to Simpsonwood. There is a movement to find out what can be done. Simpsonwood is one of the big attractions to our city. Hiking, biking and running is very important for our community and Simpsonwood is the heart of our recreation attraction. It is home to so much wildlife and we hate to see it disappear. If the protection of Simpsonwood is important to you, there will be a meeting on, Jan 7  at 7:00 P.M. at Christ the King Church.

Our city marched into the Christmas season with a wonderful Christmas in the Corners parade. It was so exciting to see the participation at this fun event. The weather was not perfect but the parade was perfect and was also the perfect kick off for the holidays to come. The Nancy Minor Team’s parade float had the honor of being named the best business float in the parade and we were thrilled. It was an honor, but just being in the parade and supporting our city, was an honor.

As you can see from all the above, all agents who live and work in our market have been given a gift.  Real Estate as a career is challenging but for all the agents lucky enough to have our city as their market , their job is made a pleasure because we have so many positives to sell to potential buyers.

I want to thank all who have read my articles over the last three years.  It is my goal to give you local information and tips to help you in the real estate process.  I love sharing the knowledge gained from the almost 30 years in the business and if we can ever be of help to you in the future please let us know. We can be reached at 404-955-7653 or Nancy@Minor.net. Visit us on the web at Peachtree Corners.com.

Wishing you all the joys of a Happy New Year and a happy new beginning.

Lori Howard January 04, 2014 at 06:46 AM
Thank you for showcasing our wonderful community in this lovely article!


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