Restaurant Inspections: How Did Confetti's, Pizza Chains, Waffle House Score?

Recent Peachtree Corners-area reports from the health department.

Peachtree Corners restaurant inspections.
Peachtree Corners restaurant inspections.

Recent restaurant inspections in the Peachtree Corners area, conducted by the Gwinnett County Health Department.


Little Caesars

3400 Holcomb Bridge Road, Suite 200

Score: 100/A

Date: March 18

Previous scores: 96/A (1/11/13); 93/A (7/6/12)

Remarks: NA

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Waffle House

5365 Peachtree Industrial Blvd

Score: 84/B

Date: March 19, 2014

Previous scores: 88/B (10/29/13); 85/B (4/3/13)

Remarks: Employee drinks stored in an unapproved container in the food prep or food storage area. Hot-held potentially hazardous foods not maintained above 135F. Time controls not documented according to written procedure. Food-contact surfaces of cooking equipment and pans not kept free of encrusted grease deposits and other soil accumulations. Buildup of debris on floor around cove base next to ice machine.

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5075 Peachtree Parkway

Score: 97/A

Date: March 18, 2014

Previous scores: 100/A (11/7/13); 87/B (3/14/13)

Remarks: At time of inspection, observed employee use vegetable/fruit preparation sink as a dump sink.

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Pizza Hut

6045 Peachtree Parkway

Score: 92/A

Date: March 20, 2014

Previous scores:  91/A (10/15/13); 100/A (1/30/13)

Remarks: Pans stored without removing all food debris. Plastic ware cracked, not cleanable. Mold present on vent cover in ceiling in clean ware storage area.

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Confetti’s Bar & Grill

6470 Spalding Drive, Suite A

Score: 92/A

Date: March 20, 2014

Previous scores: 94/A (11/20/13); 96/A (4/6/13)

Remarks: Some chemical bottles not labeled with the common name of the chemical. Some linens stored on metal that on the floor. No covered receptacle for femine napkins in woman’s room.

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Well Bean Tofu

2645 North Berkeley Lake Road

Score: 90/A

Date: March 18, 2014

Previous scores: 89/B (12/23/13); 87/B (4/25/13)

Remarks: Observed employee drinking from an unapproved container and there were several drinks in unapproved containers stored in the kitchen prep area. Observed several in-use wet wiping cloths stored in the waitress area. Towels were removed and placed in sanitizer solution. Observed the inspection report being blocked by to-go cups. Observed shelves in the back area that hold rice bowls with dust and dirt.

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