A Look At 2nd Quarter Discipline Report for Gwinnett Schools

Want to know just how troublesome your children are while at school? See select disciplinary numbers from the district's second quarter.

Every quarter, and annually, Gwinnett County Public Schools publishes its discipline report summary.

At the recent school board meeting, the school district released thhe second quarter's report. It is for infractions from November 2012 - January 2013.

See below a snapshot of selected items presented in the report.


Number of Unsafe School Choice Option (USCO) violations in the district. These are violations determined by the state to be related, in part, to violent criminal offenses. To see last year's top violators, click here.


Percent of disciplinary panels in the district that were held for high school students. This includes 342 panels, with 255 in regular education. This is compared with 352 panels in the first quarter. Last year in the second quarter, there were 389 panels for high school students.


Number of drug, alcohol or tobacco violations inside schools. This was the highest number of what's considered "major rule" violations. During the second quarter of last year, there were 144 such violations.


Number of fourth-graders with out-of-school suspensions (OSS). This is the highest number for an elementary school grade level. In total, there were 652 OSS for elementary students. Officials noted that they are seeing more activity among the youngest school children. And, data shows about 50 more OSS than the second quarter last year.


The highest number of out-school-suspensions for any grade level. The winners here are ninth-grade students. In the second quarter last year, there 1,332 such suspensions among ninth-graders.


The highest number of in-school suspensions for any grade level. Yes, ninth-graders were again the most troublesome. In the second quarter last year, there were 2,567 such suspensions among ninth-graders.

Gwinnett County Public School resources to help parents and children:

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PTC Concerns March 08, 2013 at 03:25 PM
If you really want an eye opener take a look at this article that shows Norcross high as the leader in Gwinnett County for infractions which include felony drug and felony weapons charges. http://lilburn.patch.com/articles/2012-unsafe-schools-data-does-your-child-attend-a-dangerous-school Go Blue Devils! #1 in footbal, #1 in basketball (or darn close) and # 1 in felony drug and weapons infractions!


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