State CRCT Tests Results Released

Results show Gwinnett County schools beat out state averages in all content areas and grade levels.

The state Department of Education announced Wednesday school-level results of the 2010-11 Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) for grades 3-8.

On June 23, the state announced system-level results, which noted that Gwinnett County schools beat out state averages in all content areas and grade levels.

The content areas are: Reading, English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Gwinnett students took the state-mandated tests in April. Around 12,000 students in each grade took the tests.

Results for third and 5th grade students and Peachtree Elementary, Simpson Elementary and 8th grade Pinckneyville Middle School students included. Information based on Georgia Department of Education data.

Peachtree Elementary:

3rd GRADE:

Reading, 61% met state standards, 29% exceeded; Language Arts, 61% met, 27% exceeded; Math, 40% met, 39% exceeded; Science, 54% met, 26% exceeded; Social Studies, 62% met, 22% exceeded.

5th GRADE:

Reading, 61% met state standards, 35% exceeded; Language Arts, 63% met, 35% exceeded; Math, 40% met, 56% exceeded; Science, 46% met, 33% exceeded; Social Studies, 59% met, 24% exceeded.

Simpson Elementary:

 3rd GRADE:

Reading, 18% met state standards, 80% exceeded; Language Arts, 26% met, 72% exceeded; Math, 20% met, 77% exceeded; Science, 20% met, 77% exceeded; Social Studies, 20% met, 75% exceeded.

5th GRADE:

Reading, 19% met state standards, 81% exceeded; Language Arts, 23% met, 77% exceeded; Math, 11% met, 87% exceeded; Science, 11% met, 83% exceeded; Social Studies, 17% met, 78% exceeded.

Pinckneyville Middle School:


Reading, 48% met state standards, 48% exceeded; Language Arts, 41% met, 56% exceeded; Math, 54% met, 28% exceeded; Science, 53% met, 33% exceeded; Social Studies, 41% met, 40% exceeded.


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