Meet the 'Voice of Wesleyan Football'

Griff Moody, Wolves football announcer, is a dedicated dad who manages to take the high-stress job in stride.

It's his first year calling the Wolves home football games but anyone sitting in the stands would probably never guess that the man behind the microphone isn't a seasoned veteran.

Griff Moody, who is an insurance broker by day, makes the fast-paced, high-stress job look easy. But it's anything but a walk in the park. "I'm the Howard Cosell of Wesleyan," he quipped.

But Moody, who is quick to smile, isn't anything like the former NFL commentator whose on-air opinions often irritated viewers. He offers a light-hearted approach to calling the game providing sometime colorful commentary that had this reporter smiling while watching him at work.

Sitting up in the press box with a bird's eye view of the action, Moody is assisted by two other dedicated football dads. Frank Simpson and Bill Stark are "spotters" who, with binoculars trained on the action, pass along the details of each play providing Moody with the information on which player caught the pass, who made the tackle, yardage gained or lost and penalties.

Moody had worked in the press box as a spotter for two years before being tapped by Coach Franklin Pridgen to take on the announcer duties. He says he doesn't worry about calling the game, it's remembering to turn off the mike when he's not announcing. "That's the scariest part," Moody said with a grin.

Moody, Stark and Simpson work easily together. Moody and Stark have sons playing for the Wolves. Moody's son, Will, a senior this year, plays offensive and defensive lineman. "I'm proud of him, said Moody, "he never played until 9th grade."

Stark has two sons, Jamie also a senior, plays wide receiver and linebacker and Christian, a freshman, is a wide receiver and defensive back and also handles the duties of backup quarterback.

The next time you're at one of the Wolves home games look around and you'll see numerous volunteers like these three men who spend countless hours offering their time and talents to keeping the school's programs running smoothly. For Moody, Stark and Simpson, staying involved in their sons school activities is worth the investment.


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