Peachtree Elementary Student Honored

Omar Mejia-Morgado was recognized at the Peachtree Corners Rotary Club on Monday.

At its weekly meeting on Monday, Oct. 31, the Peachtree Corners Rotary Club recognized Omar Mejia-Morgado, a second grade student at Peachtree Elementary School, as its student of the month.

A proclamation was presented to the second-grader which pronouced:

is proud to recognize Omar Mejia-Morgado from Ms. Idlette's second grade class as our Rotary Student for the 2011-2012 school year.

Omar shows committment to his learning and learning environment. He is very focused on any task he is given. Omar always completes assignment and never gives less than his best. He keeps his area neat and organized so that he is prepared for whatever may be asked of him at any time.

Omar is principled in his actions. He is a very dependable student. Omar makes good choices in all situation. When students around him are not making good choices, Omar seta a good example and encourages positive behavior.

Omar is ver respectful of teachers and student alike. He is always ready to do whatever is asked of him, whether it be an assignment or running an errand outside of the classrom. Omar gets along well with his peers. He is always ready to help a student in need.

Omar exhibits many positiove character traits and strives to be the best student and citizen he can be. For all of these reasons, we are honored to present Omar Margado with our Rotary award.

Congratulations to 's student of the month, Omar Majia-Morgado.


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