School Lunch Menu January 22

What's for lunch at Gwinnett County Public Schools?

Here’s what’s being served for lunch at Gwinnett County Schools:


Assorted Pizza 
PBJ Graham Snacker 
Veggie Burger 
Steamed Broccoli 
Assorted Fresh Veggies 
Assorted Fresh Fruits


Assorted Pizza 
BBQ Pork Sliders 
Scrumptious Subs 
Veggie Sandwich 
Spinach Side Salad 
Fresh Cut Melon 
Chilled Fruit


Middle School

Asian To Go 
Big Daddy's Pizza 
Robust Wraps 
Featured Salads 
Veggie Burger 
Fresh Cut Melon 
Honey Roasted Broccoli


High School

Creamy Mac & Cheese 
Crispy Chicken Sammie 
Sensational Subs 
Thai Chicken Bowl 
Big Daddy's Pizza 
Featured Salads 
Veggie Burger


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