Sixth-Grader Injured in Bathroom Altercation at Duluth Middle School

Student reportedly cut during the altercation by a sharp instrument that wasn't a knife.

A Duluth Middle School student was injured during a bathroom altercation with another student in the boy’s bathroom during a classroom break Thursday (Dec. 6).

Sloan Roach, executive director of communications and media relations for Gwinnett County Public Schools, confirmed Friday morning that the incident had occurred, that the student had been cut during the altercation and required medical attention. His injury reportedly was not life-threatening.

"A sharp instrument was involved, but it wasn't a knife," Roach said.

Parents of the two sixth-grade male students were contacted. The injured student's parents transported him to obtain medical treatment, Roach said. A letter was sent home by the principal Thursday afternoon informing school parents of the incident, she said.

The altercation is being investigated by Gwinnett County School Police, who responded to the incident at the school. Disciplinary action by the school also may be taken.


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