Sumac Aids Japan With the Sound of Music

Entertainer Neil Comess-Daniels performs at Sumac Elementary to benefit the victims of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami.

Singer/songwriter Neil Comess-Daniels performed at a special concert for students on Monday as a benefit for the victims of the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami. The entertainer was invited by Journeys teacher .

Simmons said she was inspired to "help children in the world, the children of Japan who have lost everything... beds, blankets, everything that we take for granted, the comforts that we have that they have lost."  Her students learned valuable life lessons about helping those in need.

In addition, she introduced the children to the music of Comess-Daniels and they have learned some of the songs.

Comess-Daniels has been captivating audiences for more than 30 years with his unique children’s music. His most recent album contains whimsical songs that touch on subjects such as whining and making “Faces in the Mirror.”  

"I write my music because we have a responsibility to empower our children to believe they can change what must be changed, to dream what must be dreamt and to love what must be loved," he said.

Comess-Daniels and his band was not only there to entertain but to raise awareness about an important cause. He is a board member of the HEARTbeats Foundation which helps children with emotional needs through music therapy.

As the co-Founder of HEARTbeats and an artist ambassador of the Save the Children Foundation, Helen Nightengale, the producer of the concert and violinist in the band, has traveled to Nepal under the auspices of Save the Children to work with the children of that country. "When the horrible earthquake and tsunami happened in Japan, we wanted to help that country’s children the way we know best, which is through music. The event today is set up to help fund that relief effort," she said.

So far, Sumac’s fundraising efforts have raised about $500 to send to HEARTbeats."Together we can all make a difference,” said Simmons. “Stop talking about Anthony Weiner and start working towards helping each other. I'm a woman of peace. It's all I want."

Charlene Ross June 15, 2011 at 03:22 AM
Fantastic article Laura. Cindy Simmons has a heart of gold. And I love your photos. I can never get good photos in MPRs. (Must be that awesome camera of yours!)


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