Time to Prepare for Your Next Fishing Trip

Take stock of your gear, repair and replace equipment so you'll be ready when the fish start biting.

This weeks report is on getting your gear and equipment ready for your next fishing trip. This weekend is suppose to be raining so it's a great time to clean your fly lines, check your rods and reels and, of course, check that fly box to ensure it is full of your favorite flies.

Our local fly shops do the best they can to stock all the flies you need, but there are times when we are out or don't carry a certain fly. Always check with your fly shop on the selection they have.

I have on several occasions ordered special flies in for customers or contacted guides just to see what the fish are taking. So if you are not fishing this weekend bring your gear by and we will check it out for you. The last thing you want to have on your day off is equipment problems or not have the right fly.

Editor's note: If you've always thought about tying your own flies, watch for an upcoming fishing report on the art of fly tying with a video demonstration and advice from Max Birnkammer with StillWater Angler.


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