Commitment: Can You Be Counted On?

What do your commitments, or lack thereof, say about you?

Commitment.  Most folks don't seem to have the slightest idea about the real meaning of the word, or concept of commitment.

They make commitments casually, daily, then they break them for the slightest reason, (or no reason at all, just because they feel different) without any hesitation, remorse, or regret.

Folks who understand commitment and its meaning, are faithful to their word. They finish their agreed upon tasks. They fulfill their responsibilities. They keep their promises - commitments - every single time they make one. These folks are known as trustworthy and dependable. They never leave a job half done, and they don't quit when obstacles arise and discouragement comes, as it almost always seems to.

Commitment has always been a rare quality, that is why it is so valued and important in today's world.

  • When our public elected or appointed leaders make a commitment to govern according to their promises and the rules we need them, and expect them, to do just that. We don't want them to forget their promises and then try to blame others or find excuses like changed circumstances to justify their failure.
  • When our spouses or families make a commitment to us we expect them to fulfill that also. Not cheat on our spouse with another person that we find appealing or exciting at the moment. Not promise to spend quality time with our children then break that promise due to something we decide we want to do at the moment instead of what we promised them we would do with them or for them.
  • When co-workers make a commitment their fulfillment or lack thereof may cost them and us our employment.  Then we seem to forget the real reason for our situation and blame the economy or the company or someone else.

I suppose true commitment boils down to accepting personal responsibility for our own actions and decisions. Maybe that explains why it has been such a rare quality and why it is so valued and important.

So what about you? How's your commitment level? Could it stand a little polishing up today? 

I KNOW I need improvement in this important area of my life, for example I haven't posted on my blog for over 3 months now. What does that say to the folks who follow my blogs? I'm certainly letting my commitment down for them.

Oh, I have excuses, great ones too, not just the junk like the dog ate my post, but it really doesn't matter. I failed. Forgive me please, and allow me another chance to earn your trust and respect back.

These are my thoughts today, what are yours?


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Mim Harris February 22, 2013 at 07:11 PM
Very timely post Steve! I am very thankful my husband holds to his commitment to me:) Wish I could say the same of out elected leaders:(


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