Drama Free Living

Trying to live a drama free life. I'd much rather fall off my chair from laughing too much ...

My wife and I really enjoy a suspenseful drama, on TV or at the movies. But drama in real life, on a regular basis, not so much fun. I much prefer a stable, predictable daily life without all the created drama.

Think about it.  What makes a drama "Dramatic?" Crises! These crises (and the actors struggles to overcome them) are diverting and exciting when they are happening to fictional characters on screen, but not so desirable when they involve us personally or effect our lives.

Washington politicians are masters of drama that, for the most part, are exhusting, frustrating, and sometimes very scary. These crises suck the joy right out of our daily lives. Most of our current crises are absolutely man made, invented, crises that are intended to provide gain for those creating them and divert those opposed to them into spending time and effort overcoming the drama.

We see the same issues at the state and local levels also. Maybe it is the politicians that we need to get rid of so we can enjoy a drama free life.  Think about any single situation gaining news headlines today other than a car accident or shooting, fire, etc, and I submit that a politician has created the drama to drive one of their personal goals forward.

Maybe we all need to revert back to the time of those earlier TV shows, like Andy Griffith, Carol Burnett, I Love Lucy, and Newhart where even the crises aren't too likely to raise our bloodpressure too high.  I'd much rather fall off my chair from laughing too much than from sitting on the edge of the seat and dodging bullets.

If we the people could just get term limits passed on the politicians, so that they never have enough time to gain power and build those crazy bases, maybe that would help on the Washington front too.  Nah!  I've watched Peachtree Corners, Gwinett County, and Georgia Politicians who have just come into office and quickly created too much drama and crises. Could it be that this is why voter turnout is getting so low and apathy is rising?

These are my thoughts, what are yours?

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Bob Martell February 28, 2013 at 02:55 PM
RE: Peachtree Corners, you nailed that one Steve! First it was a crisis that Norcross was going to annex Tech Park and we had to become a city...then it was a crisis that we didnt know how much it was going to cost to create a city so we had to have a $2.2 million budget...then it was a crisis that somebody was going to build apartments so we needed to buy the land to stop them...and lost in all the clamor about the Roberts property, last week it was a crisis that we have to contract with the county to provide police and fire service, so they are changing the charter... Kinda makes ya wonder whats next?
Robert J. Nebel February 28, 2013 at 05:25 PM
LOL... well, the local politicians are hardly one of the Barrymores, but I understand your point about how drama "sells" in the public arena. Drama-selling has always been around, it's just that it travels faster with technology. Please... President Grant was the biggest drama queen of all leaders (jesting of course). I think that apathy has developed over the years due to tabloids, reality TV and all-around public-figure-worship. I'm sure most folks in society know more about the Kardashian girls than something like the budget debate.


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