Debbie Mason Receives Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful's 'Volunteer of the Year' Award

The Peachtree Corners resident was recognized at the organization's annual awards dinner.

Debbie Mason is presented the Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful "Volunteer of the Year" award by Carla Carraway on Jan. 9, 2014. Photo: Warren Cameron, Five Acre Studios
Debbie Mason is presented the Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful "Volunteer of the Year" award by Carla Carraway on Jan. 9, 2014. Photo: Warren Cameron, Five Acre Studios
On Thursday, Jan. 9, at the its annual awards dinner, long-time Peachtree Corners resident Debbie Mason received Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful's "Volunteer of the Year" award. 

"It was awfully nice to be recognized by a group of people that epitomize voluntarism," said Mason who admitted she was taken aback when she heard she had been chosen.

"It (volunteering) is what I've done for so long, I don't give it a thought, it's just what I do," said Mason who is also the wife of Mike Mason, the mayor of Peachtree Corners.

The selection process for the 11 categories, including the "Volunteer of the Year" award, is handled by the organization's board who accepted nominations for the annual recognition. 

"There were lots of reasons Debbie was selected for the "Volunteer of the Year" award said Connie Wiggins, Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful's executive director. Among those said Wiggins "is her leadership and commitment to implementing a new board and individual giving campaign and for facilitating public and private partnerships."

This year's annual awards dinner was held at the Gwinnett Center. It is the organization's 34th year to recognize the volunteers and environmental stewards throughout the county.

Other honorees recognized Jan. 9:
  • Jim Steele - Environmental Legacy Award
  • Supermercado Tapatio - Best Green Recycler
  • Waste Management - Best Green Partner
  • Beaver Hills Civic Association - Best Green Neighborhood
  • Rehrig Pacific - Best Green Industry
  • Allgood Pest Solutions - Best Green Business
  • Annandale Transition House - Best Green Building
  • Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office - Best Green Government
  • Peachtree Ridge High School Green Team - Best Green Youth Group
  • Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful Teacher Advisory Board Steering Committee - Best Green Educator
Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful is a 501(c)3 charitable organization with an expansive community-based network dedicated to finding long term solutions to environmental and quality of life issues through individual action. The organization is guided by a 55-member Citizens Advisory Board that represents all sectors of the county. Visit Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful's website for more information.

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Nancy Minor January 11, 2014 at 08:01 AM
Congratulations to an incredible lady who fills her life doing good deeds for the community. Happy for you and this well deserved award.
James Tola January 11, 2014 at 09:54 AM
Congratulations Debbie! A number of years ago I was involved with GCB through being an educator in Gwinnett. I so appreciate the vision and labor of love so many devote to Gwinnett. I do long for this organization to determine how to address the wretched conditions of some neighborhoods developed prior to the smart growth requiring covenants and restriction today. If you drive down Phil Necro off Beaver Ruin and especially Jeannette Lane, you will see abject poverty with dangerous building of "add-ons" that never were approved by the county or any builder for that matter. The area is tattered and torn and frankly an embarrassment to the county in that we allow people to live in these conditions. When I lived on Jeannette all those years ago GCB was the only organization I could turn to do to lack of enforceable covenants and little has been done over the years to clean up this filthy mess. The owners of the town homes and duplexes should be held to a higher standard if they want to make a profit off the backs of the impoverished.
Mary January 11, 2014 at 09:35 PM
Congratulations to Ms. Mason. What a wonderful accomplishment. I am proud that you are a busy citizen in Peachtree Corners. Best wishes and thank you for your contributions.
Kim Dorough January 13, 2014 at 04:43 AM
Wonderful recognition for Debbie and Peachtree Corners!
David B. Manley January 14, 2014 at 05:32 PM
Congratulations for the much deserved recognition of your great contributions to our city.


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