Local Pet Rescue Group to Hold Weekend Kitten Adoption Event

The two-day event, held by Angels Among Us Pet Rescue volunteer organization, will also have dogs and puppies available on Saturday.

Kittens, kittens, and more kittens! Angels Among Us Pet Rescue’s cat program volunteers say that the number of kittens needing homes after the spring birthing time has sky-rocketed this year, and many of them can be seen at the group’s Kitten Adoption Extravaganza this weekend.  

“One unspayed female cat can have several litters in the same year,” said Deborah Smith, who coordinates the Angels cat adoption efforts. Although rescue groups always see a jump in kitten births in both the spring and the fall, Smith said this year has seen a particularly high volume of kittens needing homes. 

“The county shelters are full of kittens that desperately need rescuing, as well as large numbers of adult cats. In addition, we receive calls almost every day from people who say there are stray cats in their neighborhood who have given birth to kittens now needing vet care and placement into suitable homes.”

Angels volunteers have stepped up to help as many of these young cats as possible, and both the organization’s cat adoption center at the Johns Creek PETCO (10980 State Bridge Road) and the group’s foster homes are now full of kittens waiting for their forever homes. The silver lining for the community is that residents interested in adding one or more feline friends to their household have a great selection.

“We are very pleased to introduce to the community our current group of absolutely adorable kittens,” says Smith. “We have all colors and personalities, short-hair and long-hair, and male and female. The great majority are all ready to go to their new homes, and have already received all basic vet work, including spay/neutering, testing for feline diseases, microchipping, and vaccinations.”

In order to facilitate the adoption of as many kittens as possible, the organization is slashing their usual adoption fee down to $100. “This is the best deal in town,” according to Smith, “as we have are providing veterinary work that would cost up to $400 for private pet owners.”

The Kitten Adoption Extravaganza will be held from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm on both Saturday and Sunday at the Johns Creek PETCO located at 10980 State Bridge Road. Volunteers will be on hand to introduce both kittens and adult cats to residents interested in providing forever homes to one or more of them.

As a bonus event, Smith also says that the organization will have a terrific selection of dogs and puppies at the store on Saturday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

As it pertains to the young kittens, Smith does want people to know that they are generally adopted in pairs, as they tend to be better behaved and happier when they have a companion. In addition, families with children under 6 years old will be asked to confine their search to the organization’s friendly adult cats.

Many of Angels’ adoptable cats and dogs can be seen on the group’s website: www.angelsrescue.org.  For additional questions or information, call 404 414 1282.


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