Peachtree Corners Rotary Club News

A meeting recap, the club meets each Monday.

Last week the was honored to have Bill McCargo as its speaker, the Student of the Month program has resumed, and members of the Norcross High School Interact Club attended. 

Weekly Speaker: Bill McCargo

Mr. McCargo recently retired from the position of President of the Atlanta Education Fund, were he lead the efforts to reform the Atlanta Public School System.  His group performed the initial investigation
into the cheating scandal of the Standardized Advancement Test and then turned the result over to Governor’s Office of Student Accountability. 

The Governor’s Office has the authority to use subpoena and law enforcement powers to get people to tell the truth and cooperate with the investigation.  In McCargo’s words “Putting this into context, let’s get to the bottom of who is guilty but not smear all educators and students in the greater Atlanta area. 

There were only a small number of teachers guilty.  Recognize that there are 700,000 students in the Atlanta metro area, and only a couple of thousand were involved.  But all kids have been painted with same brush and this is wrong.”  He also covered an inside out look at how difficult it was to accomplish this mission.

Student of the Month

Our first Student of the Month was Sara Sanchez who is currently a first grader at Beaver Ridge Elementary School and is an outstanding student.  Her teacher, Nicole Dodson, enjoys having her as a part of her class.

Her classmates respect Sara in ways one would not think first graders would recognize.  She is eager to work and help others.  The students have commented on her work ethic, but most observe her as a kind and caring person.  She has their respect because she gives them
respect with her kindness and smiles plus she treats every student equally.

At this young age, Sara has already demonstrated good leadership and educational skills for her future.  She understands how important it is to learn and seeks to understand everything that is taught.  She is a student who gives her best every day.

Norcross High School Interact Club

The Interact Club is the High School part of Rotary International.  Interact President Christina Doan introduced her board member Recycling Chairs Gabe Rocha, Eli Castrejon, and Kevin Nguyen.  Recycling paper and cans and other items collected at Norcross High School is one of their major initiatives.  She also discussed their planned fund raiser for hunger in Somalia.  Their plan is to
have the language arts teachers collect coins each day from the students in each class.

The Peachtree Corners Rotary Club meets each Monday at noon in
downtown Norcross at the Carlyle House. Visit the club's website
for contact information and more details.


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