Volunteering, Meeting the Needs of Others Part of Her Life

Wendy Willis does many things to better our community. Most recently she has headed up a tutoring program at a local school in Peachtree Corners.

Most of us here in Peachtree Corners lead busy lives. With so many tasks to complete it’s hard to see beyond those commitments. How refreshing it is to find someone who not only takes care of herself but works hard to meet the needs of others.

Wendy Willis is one of those people who seeks opportunities to serve others in our community. As a child she says her parents instilled in her, “the importance of using my gifts and talents to give back to the community.” Growing up in Germantown, TN when it was a fledgling community, Willis watched both of her parents become deeply involved in volunteering to help the establishment of the area.

When she was in college Willis became active in the big brothers and sisters organization. She told me that a pivotal time in her life was mentoring a young boy who came through the program.

“It became apparent for me that the reason for doing this was to provide time and attention for someone who wasn’t as fortunate as I was," said Willis. "I think I ended up getting more out of it than he did.”

"Willis has lived here in Peachtree Corners for the last 15 years along with her husband Mark and two girls Kendall and Meg. Both she and Mark have worked toward bettering our area. Mark works for the Georgia School Boards Association, a non-profit association. He also serves on the ."

Most recently Willis’s community involvement has revolved around the Star Shiner reading assistance program at . She has coordinated this PTA run program for the last two years. The Star Shiner program uses volunteers from the area who are willing to give their time to assist children who are not up to grade level in reading. 

Willis said that Simpson reading specialist, Beth Farris, has been instrumental in training her for the task of helping the children. In turn, Willis trains the volunteers. She says that the training involves, “A little about phonics and a lot about encouragement.” For 8-10 weeks segments, volunteers come to the school twice a week for 30 minute segments and read with the students. 

Now that her younger daughter is moving on to middle school Willis says she might pass the reins to someone else to be in charge of the Star Shiner program. But that decision won’t keep her from taking part in our community's growth, Willis plans to serve with her husband on the foundation's board at Norcross High. She also plans to get involved in the . 

Thanks to Wendy Willis for the time and effort that she gives to help make Peachtree Corners a better place to live, work and play. 

Jenny August 01, 2012 at 12:34 AM
You go, Wendy! We are so fortunate to live in this community with great volunteers like you and Mark.


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