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Georgia elections
EB Allen July 23, 2014 at 09:14 am
Oh what a bee-utiful morning....Oh what a bee-utiful day!
jMichael July 23, 2014 at 09:37 am
The TeaBagging ChristoFreaks are on the ropes. Their hour has past. America once again has a shotRead More at decency and civic responsibility. Hillary's 2016 Triumph beckons. Happier days on the horizon. Oh what a bee-utiful morning.
Drewboo July 23, 2014 at 09:49 am
I would be happy with Clinton or Warren... but Clinton would probably be more effective with herRead More experience... then again Warren would be effective due to being unpredictable.
Organic peaches, nectarines and plums from a California supplier have been recalled for possible contamination. File|Patch
Octo Slash July 23, 2014 at 09:17 am
Do some research and you'll find that 'organic' means nothing except 'more expensive'. It's a lie,Read More people. Just buy the regular produce.
Paul Olmeda July 23, 2014 at 09:50 am
Georgians shouldn't be buying California peaches anyway.
Cody Williams, charged with felony murder in the death of 16-month-old in Gwinnett County. WSB-TV screenshot
erie July 22, 2014 at 02:39 pm
Save the state lotsa money. Just let the dad and a few of his friends have there way with the guyRead More for just 30 mins with baseball bats. If the guy walk away hes free to go. next
Debi Dugger July 23, 2014 at 07:35 am
It is so often "the boyfriend". These mamas need to quit birthing babies until they areRead More married and in a responsible relationship...ain't gonna happen til the government quits paying their way!!!
David Brown July 23, 2014 at 08:12 am
Debi, when I read this article, I also thought that women need to stop having sex before they'reRead More married. More often than not, the "baby daddy" disappears after the pregnancy.
Elderly Georgia drivers would have to have a note from a doctor certifying they are capable of driving in order to keep their license under proposed legislation. Credit: Screenshot from WXIA
Sara Brown July 23, 2014 at 09:54 am
Look at the statistics and see how many accidents are caused by other age groups. Better get thoseRead More young people off the road too, especially the boys. Sorry, but I don't think this is reasonable.
Eileen M Brannon July 23, 2014 at 09:55 am
My mother n law is 82 my father n law ( an old semi driver) is 90. Both hold a valid driversRead More license. They are self sufficient, live independent of their family. They drive responsibly, I have no trouble being a passenger in their vehicle. They only drive to the grocers, their doctors, or to a restaurant nearby. My own mother relinquished her keys to drive voluntarily when she realized her reaction time wasn't up to par. Never had an accident, never caused an accident. Age does not mean you are a throw a way. People think, you may be of this age soon.
Sara Brown July 23, 2014 at 09:59 am
And when Grandma drives to the grocery store anyway, what then? Pack the jail with geriatricRead More inmates? that should be fun.
UGA police news.
SUNKEN SUB July 22, 2014 at 12:16 pm
* UP SCOPE ============================================ "Taylor is a TH*I*RD string noseRead More tackle, the AJC said. His future with the team is uncertain." ============================================ Forget the "H", but is that an "I" or a "U" ??? Now F L U S H ============================================ Down Scope
Scott Baxendale July 23, 2014 at 08:26 am
He should have been expelled from school and kicked off the team for the first offense.
Attorney General of Georgia Sam Olens. Credit: Office of the Attorney General of Georgia
Paul Allen July 22, 2014 at 09:14 pm
The comment about locking gays in a hot car was offensive and ignorant. It's people like Alan thatRead More give Georgia the backward reputation it deserves.
David Montgomery July 23, 2014 at 08:54 am
The Republican Party is far too liberal for me. I have yet to find a true Traditional-ConservativeRead More in the Rebulican Party today. They have become the "Almost-Socialist Party".
David Montgomery July 23, 2014 at 08:57 am
The Republican Party is far too liberal for me. There is not one Traditional-Conservative in thatRead More entire party today. They have become the "Almost-Socialist" Party.
Transcript of May Mike Mason's State of the City address.
Richard T. July 22, 2014 at 09:21 am
User fees, license fees, frsnchise fees, are ALL TAXES, without respect for euphemisms. If theRead More goverment takes it from the guy who earned it, its a tax. Guess who paid the splost tax? All of us. Another totally useless layer of government in a power grab by the HOA Nazis, who want to run everyone's business. Now go be a big government cheerleader somewhere else.
Robert J. Nebel July 22, 2014 at 05:18 pm
The mayor provided a good, informative speech along with a fantastic Q&A session last evening.Read More There is no doubt that the city has a lot of issues on its plate. With that said, the mayor & council have been and will remain busy.
Richard T. July 23, 2014 at 12:59 am
From $700,000.00 to TWELVE MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. IN ONE YEAR!!!!! I'd beRead More able to talk a good line with that kind of money too, and I'll dance for you like Fred Astaire!!! You gullible people. . . . Big government is bad government, and it will not always do what you think it should.
Timothy Keith Colgrove. WSB-TV screenshot
Andy D July 22, 2014 at 11:26 am
eavesdropping " A person commits the crime of criminal eavesdropping if he intentionally usesRead More any device to eavesdrop, whether or not he is present at the time. And it takes place where one may reasonably expect to be safe from casual or hostile intrusion or surveillance. I would say you should feel safe in a Kroger from such recordings.
Rae Eley July 22, 2014 at 12:09 pm
I used to work with this guy at CryoLife in Kennesaw...he was a colossal pretentious jerk. KharmaRead More came knocking for him.
Larry V July 22, 2014 at 03:49 pm
Why in the world would someone that majored in pharmacy, which is a very hard degree to earn, doRead More something so stupid?
200 pairs of women's panties were reported stolen at a Victoria's Secret store in Augusta, Ga. Patch file
Rodger Higgins July 22, 2014 at 10:49 am
Someone with one hell of a womens underwear fetish or someone who likes brand new ones every dayRead More instead of washing them would be my guess
Fiona White July 22, 2014 at 11:03 am
Selling them on Ebay. Duh.
Larry V July 22, 2014 at 03:53 pm
200 pair. Wow, were all the salespeople on break? How could anyone stuff that many panties in a bagRead More without anyone in the store noticing them?
Moon Pies, pizza, burgers and fries, or candy -- how will you celebrate National Junk Food Day? File|Patch
Colleen Walsh Fong July 21, 2014 at 01:00 pm
Reese's peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies at our local Barnes and Noble Starbucks cafe.
Marc Acampora July 21, 2014 at 05:17 pm
Pizza is not junk food! Flour, tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil, basil. Good stuff!
Octo Slash July 22, 2014 at 08:48 am
Yeah but pizza is one of the worst things you can eat depending on the toppings. Most people pileRead More onto their pies enough cheeses and fatty meats to kill a moose.
Get ready for a tax-free weekend Aug. 1-2, Georgia. Credit: Sarah Bakhtiari.
Dante Martinez July 21, 2014 at 01:13 pm
It amazes me that people fall for this trick. Pretend you're a retail store and you know everyoneRead More will be coming to buy clothes, computers, etc. on very particular days. Will you be offering your lowest prices those days?
Frank Jones July 21, 2014 at 01:24 pm
Also amazing that the state is holding it Aug 1-2 when Cherokee County parents will have alreadyRead More started/completed their back to school shopping since school starts Aug 4th.
This guy deserves his bad reputation.
hhhnn July 22, 2014 at 03:25 pm
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hhhnn July 22, 2014 at 03:34 pm
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Grama July 23, 2014 at 08:25 am
what is all this crap?
The Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families is overseeing the care and housing for immigrant minors at a recruit housing and training facility on Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas. Air Force News Service
Good Grief Y'all July 22, 2014 at 10:09 am
If anyone posting here is truly interested in a solution, tell Congress to fund the fix required byRead More its 2002/2008 law. Then tell them to vote on immigration reform - wipe out ineffective laws and enact what will stop the influx of all illegals at all of our borders and prevent future such crises. Trash talk and personal insults/attacks don't accomplish any good.
amark July 22, 2014 at 11:27 am
How about the guy featured in this CBS news story. I guess he's a racist too huh?Read More http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/texas-residents-fed-up-with-surge-of-illegal-immigrants/
stephen m george jr mpa July 22, 2014 at 04:12 pm
"There is time to pray ...A time to preach ..And a time to fight" ...ATTENTION ALLRead More CITIZENS ...TO ARMS ... EVERY THIRD MAN, STRENGTHEN THE SOUTHERN WALL ... WE HAVE INTRUDERS IN THE WIRE ...BLOW THE FOO GAS!
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