I am a wife and mom of four.  I live in the Florissant area.  I am Jordan's Advocate.  A mom, turned advocate when I realized my son was going to need an advocate to stand by him as he struggled at school. His school was rigid at best and he was eventually diagnosed with a neurological disorder. His school had no tolerance for his disorder and even more disturbing was the lack of knowledge, the resistance for change, and how this adversely affects children with a disability. 
That seems like quite a while ago and ever since, I have been learning about the plight of our school system. Many experts will say it's in a crisis, and I agree. Finally, I needed to find a professional advocate in Tourette Syndrome to represent my son during a civil rights mediation meeting. What I found worried me.  There weren't any. There may be a few nationally, but locally the options were extremely slim and then to find someone available, even harder.  It was at that time, I realized, it was me.  I was better prepared than anybody else to be the professional advocate my son needed. Obviously, I have known him, cared for him and worried about him more than anybody else. I also studied, investigated, and researched his disability, and in the process discovered many problems with our schools. I was better prepared than anybody I could possibly find to hire.  I am Jordan’s Advocate and I hope as I share my journey, you read something here that can help you, your child, or a child you know.  You can contact me at Jordan's Advocate.com     
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