Sharon Adarlo
Sharon Adarlo worked at the Star-Ledger for five years, moving up rapidly from news clerk to staff reporter before leaving in May 2010.
Her last assignment was to cover crime and public safety in Newark, a place she knows intimately and is proud to call home. Before becoming a Newark crime reporter, Sharon covered everything under the sun: beekeeping, knitting classes, Sikh festivals, torrential floods, town meetings, plane crashes, fires, and missing pets - which were her often most popular reports. During the course of her job, Sharon got to interview Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, Philip Roth, Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, LeVar Burton, and other famous folks. These days, Sharon is a freelance writer/reporter and artist/designer. Basically, she loves to tell stories and make stuff. For Patch, she is a sub-editor for various sites, including Newark. As a short, bespectacled Asian girl with very long hair, you can easily spot her in any public meeting.
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