No-Carve Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Who says pumpkins have to be turned into jack o'lanterns? Check out these crafty ideas.

Pumpkins - those orange orbs start popping up everywhere in Peachtree Corners this time of the year. Their deep orange color is ideal for decorating your home for the fall.

We found some family-friendly pumpkin-decorating ideas that don't require carving. These ideas will surely take you beyond the jack o'lanterns of old.

1: Make a mummy pumpkin. Pick up a pair of those goofy googly eyes from a craft or hobby shop, wrap the pumpkin in cheese cloth for a Halloween decoration that's perfect for greeting trick or treaters.

2. Send your children out in the yard to collect some of the leaves that have begun to fall. Then use the leaves as patterns to make cut outs and paste onto your pumpkin. This decoration will last until Thanksgiving.

3. Pick up some Washi tape - it's similar to masking tape and comes in lots of colors and patterns and then let your imagine go wild. See how many one-of-a-kind pumpkin designs you can create.


Do you have some pumpkin decorating ideas to pass along? Tell us - or better yet, upload your photo(s) and show off your handiwork.


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