Dynamic Peachtree Corners Women Gather For Inaugural Round Table

Twenty nine Peachtree Corners women met at Ippolito's for the first meeting of the Women's Round Table.

It's often said that good ideas are spawned from another idea or event - the notion of a women's round table made up of Peachtree Corners women began to form back in August  - and Wednesday the inaugural Women's Round Table group met for the first time.

The idea began innocently enough. Peachtree Corners City Council member Lorri Christopher purchased a table for 10 and invited a number of Peachtree Corners women to join her at the United Way Women's Legacy Event on Aug. 25 that took place at the Marriott Hotel in Duluth.

Among those women who attended that day were: Gwinnett County Commissioner (Dist. 2) Lynette Howard, Peachtree Corners City Council member Jeanne Aulbach, the new city's newly hired Community Development Director, Diana Wheeler, UPCCA president Pat Bruschini and five other prominent business women in the community (and tagging along was the Peachtree Corners Patch reporter who was lucky enough to be invited to the event).

Those nine women looked around at each other, proudly after noticing the table with the name of their new city "Peachtree Corners" prominently displayed - and almost in unison said, "We need to keep this going."

Thus the Peachtree Corners Women's Round Table began to take shape.

It didn't take long before plans began to develop - and invitations sent out for the first official meeting of the Peachtree Corners Women's Round Table to meet on Oct. 24, 2012.

Bruschini and Nancy Minor, both Peachtree Corners residents and leaders in the community, took on the organizational tasks. On Wednesday at noon, a group of 29 women met for the first time at Ippolito's on Peachtree Parkway.

Addressing the group on Wednesday Bruschini told the women, "This idea came from the United Way Legacy event. Nancy Minor said to me, 'We need to do something, we've got so many vibrant women in Peachtree Corners.'"

What it will become remains to be decided. But what is certain is there are a number of dynamic women who make up Gwinnett's newest city, and you can be sure that something good will come out of this group.

The next meeting is planned for early December, a definite date and place to be determined. If you are interested in learning more about the Women's Round Table group, send an email to Pat Bruschini.

"This just shows what a group of women can do if they put their minds together," said Minor.

The inaugural meeting was an opportunity for the women of this community to network and get to know one another.

Bert Robinson October 25, 2012 at 12:00 PM
I am intersted in learning more about this community group. Would like to get Pat Bruschini's email so I can get more information.
Pat Bruschini October 25, 2012 at 12:03 PM
Judy - thanks for the great story and pictures. Thanks also go out to Janice Crosby who made all the arrangements at Ippolito's.
Judy Putnam October 25, 2012 at 12:04 PM
Bert: Pat's email is provided in the story - just click on the link in the story and the email address will pop up.


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