News Nearby: World's Oldest Woman Dies at 116

The World's Oldest Woman, Besse Cooper of Monroe, died Tuesday at the age of 116.

MONROE, Ga. -- The family of the world's oldest woman, Besse Cooper of Monroe, confirmed that she died Tuesday.

A bridge on New Hope Church Road in the community of Between was dedicated to her in the summer.

Cooper moved to the community in 1917 at the end of World War I. She taught at a little two-room school just up the road from the bridge that now bears her name.

Cooper was reported to attribute her longevity to “minding her own business and not eating junk food,” although she also reportedly quipped to her grandson that she thought she should be given a box of chocolates when she first learned she had become the world’s oldest living person.

According to Wikipedia, Dina Manfredini, born April 4, 1897 in Italy, but now a resident of Iowa, is now the oldest living person at 115 years 244 days. Cooper lived to be 116 years and 100 days. Jiroemon Kimura, born April 19, 1897 is the world's oldest living man at 115 years and 229 days.

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