Peachtree Corners Woman Announces Candidacy for House District 95

In a press release dated Wednesday, Jan. 15, Amreeta Regmi, declared her intent to run for the Georgia House seat.

Amreeta Regmi of Peachtree Corners has filed with the Ethics Commissioner to run for the Georgia House District 95 seat.
Amreeta Regmi of Peachtree Corners has filed with the Ethics Commissioner to run for the Georgia House District 95 seat.
Editor's note: Following is a press release sent Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014 from Amreeta Regmi with her plans to run for the Georgia House. The seat is currently held by Tom Rice, who is also a Peachtree Corners resident.

Dr. Amreeta Regmi, a longtime resident of Peachtree Corners, announced her candidacy today for State House District 95. 

An international development consultant serving with the Zoning Board of Appeals, she belongs to a number of civic institutions as the President of the Peachtree Station Homeowners Association, founding member of Peachtree Corners Business Association, member of Women of Peachtree Corners, founding member of Citizens for Simpsonwood Conservancy, member of the Ebony Society, member of the Organization of Chinese Americans and the past-President of the League of Women Voters of Gwinnett County.  

Dr. Regmi is running to increase the community’s decision-making power for better governance and increase local control of public resources. She is a fiscal conservative and social progressive who will fight to protect community assets, such as the environment, and promote an open and transparent government.

Dr. Regmi plans to run a strong and inspiring campaign, and is determined to showcase District 95 as a flagship for development in the state. Her campaign can be reached at 404-704-7790.

Nagman Blumen March 28, 2014 at 12:01 AM
Yes, it is now the time to have Latinos and Spanish background people be represented in a fair manner by a person who is honest and knowledgeable of the culture. I am certain that she is the leader we were waiting for to deal with topics such as wellbeing and education. I had the opportunity to know Dr. Amreeta Regmi on her trip to Peru. She knew that by learning the language she would be closer to our culture. She wanted to get to know more about their people and the social and political situation of the country. During the years I knew her in Lima, I was fortunate to see that she was a wonderful person, loving mother, exceptional professional and impeccable friend. Since then until the present, for more than twenty years, our unbreakable friendship persists, time during which I have been witness of her enthusiasm and special vocation. Not did she only master the Spanish language, but also, she had developed a unique sensibility and social awareness of developing countries. Her professional and political life grew, and as it grew, so did her vocation of service for the neediness and poor conditions people lived under in countries such as Peru and Ecuador, country where I reunited with her time after she left Peru. By then, Dr. Amreeta Regmi, having mastered Spanish, had already a good grasp of the Andean culture and could cook our tasty dishes. Most important, she was highly interested in the education of needy woman and children. She strongly advocated the struggle to fight violence towards women and children. I am very pleased and highly satisfied to know that Dra. Amreeta Regmi is candidate as Representative for Georgia district 95. We can be sure, without doubt or regret that we have the immediate opportunity of having her as our leader. Our vote will be a safe vote because we now know the quality of personal and professional traits we are dealing with voting for Areeta Regmi. Once more, congratulations Amreeta! We love you and I want you to know that we all are and will be with you now and always.
Nagman Blumen March 28, 2014 at 12:02 AM
Ahora si, los latinos pueden tener una persona honesta y conocedora de la cultura que los represente de manera justa. Tengo la certeza de que ella es a quien necesitamos como líder de temas que involucran nuestro bienestar y educación. Tuve la oportunidad de conocer a la Dra. Amreeta Regmi cuando ella viajó al Perú. Su principal interés era poder aprender el español para integrarse a la cultura. Quería conocer mejor la vida de los peruanos, conocer la realidad social y política del país. Durante los años que la conocí en Lima, Perú, tuve la suerte de saber que era una gran persona, madre amorosa, profesional excepcional y amiga impecable. Desde aquel entonces hasta el presente, por más de veinte años, perdura nuestra bella amistad, tiempo durante el cual fui testigo de su entusiasmo y especial vocación. No solamente logró dominar el español, sino además desarrollar una gran sensibilidad hacia la realidad social del país. Su vida profesional y política crecía a medida que crecía su vocación de servicio por los más necesitados y por los países en vías de desarrollo como el Perú y el Ecuador, país en el cual tuve un feliz rencuentro con ella, algún tiempo después de que ella dejó el Perú. Ya para entonces la Dra. Amreeta, con el dominio del español, se había integrado a la cultura andina; aprendió a cocinar nuestras deliciosas comidas. Más que nada, se interesó en la educación de las mujeres y niños más necesitados. Más importante aun, abogaba fervientemente por la defensa y lucha contra la violencia y maltrato de las mujeres y los niños. Me alegra y satisface en gran medida, saber que hoy, la Dra. Amreeta Regmi es candidata para ser Representante por Georgia del distrito 95. Podemos estar seguros, sin dudas ni arrepentimientos, que es nuestra inmediata oportunidad de tenerla como nuestro líder. Nuestro voto será un voto seguro, porque sabemos de la calidad de persona y profesional que es Amreeta Regmi. iUna vez mas, te felicito Amreeta! Te queremos y quiero que sepas que todos estamos y estaremos contigo hoy y siempre.


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