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A Note to My Readers

A gentle reminder.

Thanks to all of you who have embraced Peachtree Corners Patch. I'm forever thankful to those of you who sign on each day to read the news, check out the calendar and read the latest online comments.

Your questions, comments and insight are always appreciated and welcome. In fact, they are what makes Patch ... well, Patch.

Patch is, as most of you know, more than just a news and information site, but also a place to sound off about a variety of community-related topics.

I admire your passion for your community. Many of you have lived in Peachtree Corners for many years and have strong opinions. That's a good thing, because as the old saying goes, "opinions are like elbows, everybody has them."

Perhaps it's inherent of the online world, but I've noticed that many of you have chosen to hide behind aliases while blasting others for expressing their opinion.

I'm sure it's interesting to watch the reaction your words create, but would you be willing to publish those same words if your name was attached to them?

Just food for thought, I appreciate you more than you know. If you'd like to respond to this note, use the comment box below or via email. I'm always happy to hear from you. Thanks.


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