Is Snoring Disrupting Your Life?

A recent study found snoring can do more than just disrupt your sleep, it can also put you at increased risk for cancer.

Many people struggle with snoring, and not just the snorer. There are millions of sleep hours lost every night as people try to figure out how to sleep through it.

But now there appears to be another reason to do something about it.

A recent study out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison has linked snoring to a risk of cancer. According to a story in MSN.com, the research found that people with the more severe sleep apnea are almost five times more likely to develop cancer than people who don’t have this snoring problem.

The reason is reportedly linked to the lack of oxygen in the system during times of sleep apnea. This is definitely incentive for people who snore to seek help in dealing with the problem.

Our question today, however, is for the other victims of snoring – those who spend night after night lying next to a snorer trying to figure out how to sleep through it. We would like to hear from those who have found the solution.

What is it that you do to get those eight hours of sleep a night, despite the snorer next to you?


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