Which Intersection in Peachtree Corners is the Worse?

Traffic can be a bear, especially during rush hour, which intersection do you dread the most?

For years Peachtree Corners residents have had to endure long waits at key intersections along S.R. 141. Talk with a number of residents and you're likely to hear them say they don't venture out during rush hour unless it's absolutely necessary.

Everyone has been caught in traffic, waiting for the light to change only to have a handful of cars get through the intersection. Then it's another three minutes or more before the light cycles again.

Which intersection in Peachtree Corners gives you the biggest headache. Listed are four major intersections on S.R. 141 - but if you've got another one that needs mentioning - write it down in the comments box at the bottom.

1. The entrance ramp from S.R. 141 (and Holcomb Bridge Road) that merges traffic onto Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. Southbound morning commuters often face several light changes to get through the intersection.

2. The Peachtree Corners Circle and S.R. 141 intersection near the QuikTrip and The Forum. Traffic on Peachtree Corners Circle get the short end of the light cycle at this intersection.

3. Spalding Drive and S.R. 141. It's just a long wait for traffic on Spalding during the morning rush hour and the left turn traffic from S.R. 141 onto Spalding gets backed up too.

4. East Jones Bridge Road/Medlock Bridge Road and S.R. 141 intersection. Only the first four or five cars turning left from Jones Bridge Road or Medlock Bridge Road onto 141 usually get through the light.

Which is your least favorite Peachtree Corners intersection? If it's not one of the above, use the comment box below. It may not help with the traffic flow, but at least we can let off a little steam.

AL October 18, 2012 at 11:44 AM
For those crossing 141, the traffic signal timing at each of these intersections is a cruel joke. But if you adjust the timing to favor the crossing traffic, it only makes it worse for lonnnnnng lines of traffic ON 141. I hear that the city of PTC is against widening 141 (between the John's Creek border and the 141/140 split)...I can understand that to a degree, but on the other hand - would the pros of widening 141 outweigh the cons? I'd love to hear some input from those more knowledgable on traffic planning and the impact a wider 141 would have on PTC.
ptcornersgal October 18, 2012 at 01:57 PM
Number 4 is the worst!!!! to make matters worse, it backs up when Fiserv lets out in the afternoon, and when people cut through the Forum and try to get onto East JB or cross over to Ingles parking lot (a short distance from the main intersection, no light, heavy traffic, dangerous).
John Smithson October 18, 2012 at 07:15 PM
What about Buford Hwy at Jimmy Carter???? oh wait...... that isnt peachtree corners.... oh wait yes it is..... so confused.
rkmccurn October 19, 2012 at 01:09 AM
Woodhill Dr NW and Peachtree Pkwy - It's the intersection by Chick-Fi-La. Turning lanes and turning lights are desparately needed on Woodhill Dr and coming out of the shopping center across the street! That intersection is a mess!


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