Who is Leading in the Presidential Polls?

Here are the latest Gallop poll results on the race between Obama and Romney.

UPDATE: The poll data has changed since this article was published in September. You may want to view the latest information: Two Days and Counting: Who is Leading Presidential Polls which was published on Sunday, Nov. 4.


If history is to repeat itself, then the voters that put President Barack Obama in the White House are likely to be the ones who will keep him there for another four years.

According to the latest Gallop poll, the "2012 electorate looks like 2008 ... the key elements of President Obama's electoral coalition, such as racial minorities, women, young adults, and postgraduates will likely turn out at rates similar to those in 2008."

The number of non-white voters has risen due to the growth of that segment of the population over the past decade. Gallop reports that "the percentage of non-white voters, now 20 percent, has risen significantly since 2004 (15 percent).

The report says the outcome of the election may "hinge more on how groups vote rather than to what extent they will vote." There has been a shift with most groups currently less likely to support Obama but the president's seven-point margin in the 2008 election gives him breathing room to still win the election.

The Gallop poll, dated Oct. 26, 2012, shows President Obama has lost more support with Gov. Mitt Romney leading 50 percent to Obama's 47 percent.

That statistic came after Gallop posed the question in a telephone survey of approximately 2,700 likely voters. Despite Romney's slight lead, Gallop maintains its data points to Obama.

Do you think it will come down to events outside of the campaigns that will determine the outcome? Share your thoughts in our comment box below.

Theresa November 05, 2012 at 11:20 AM
I couldn't have said it better. Sounds like people would rather be giving 45% of their paychecks to the government. That is just a minimum! Funny how many socialist countries warn us not to go that way. They tell us that our system is 10x better than theirs and the world still aspires to come to America. It is only because of our FREEDOM that we have been able to become the innovators of the world. I can't believe people are so hynpotized by a man with a terrible record and are willing to turn this country into a socialist country and give up everything our forefathers built. The most intelligent government system on earth. Yes, it's not perfect, but it's the most perfect. I for one don't want my freedoms taken away and I don't want the gov't controlling what should be controlled by a free market. Supply and demand. It's what drives the world and it starts here. Our country will not lower it's standards just because a con-artist is deliberately bringing us down economically and militarily. He has done enough damage. We need a totally different leader like that we have never seen before. Mitt Romney. He has the experience and I am so glad a man of his caliber is running. He is far more intelligent than Bush Jr and shouldn't be compared to him. Yet people generalize instead of seeing him for the caring entreprenuer he is. I am all for energy independence and Mitt will take us there and create jobs along the way! Vote Mitt Romney. You won't regret it!
Theresa November 05, 2012 at 11:33 AM
Thank God 1/2 the people in the US don't buy into the Obama smoke-screen! Guess it helps tha Obama's true colors came out and so did Mitt's. Obama took the low road and Mitt took the high road. No swearing. No insults. No revenge threats. Are you sure he's a President and not a thug trying to tear us apart? If you were driving 80 mph towards a brick wall would you continue to move forward? No experience vs 25 years experience. American Christian vs Indonesian Islamist. Go ahead, type "Barry Soreoto" and "Indonesia". The man doesn't even use his real name for God's sake! We are going down the wrong path America because Obama is purposely leading us down the wrong path all the while smiling to our faces!! He has an agenda alright and it's not to turn this country around! Beware! Everything he has managed to undo he has. And now he is pitting neighbor against neighbor. How American! Hardly! This is the sign of a leader who is working his way up to a Marxist dictatorship. Make no mistake about it, this man is an expert on OUR constitution and has used it to his advantage over the past 4 years. We have been had. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing and people are blindly following him.
Gleda longoria hoover November 05, 2012 at 01:41 PM
Excuse me!! Romney is a Replica of the Bush Era!! @ His RNC, He didn't even mention the "Milatary" Of past to present. along with a Campaingn of Lies!! And Ryan 2 weeks b4 bcoming VP, Was An Ann Ryand follower!! = Athiest NO GOD!!! If Plp would had watched the Making of Romney, they;d seen what the LDS plp said bad things about him. Out sourses job to China, for less wages, More Money in thier pockets!! Really?? Women's rights DICTATED 4 Each One! Lets set the record Straight! We love "Jesus" also, but that don't mean we have to Vote for Willard.. As the "BIBLE" States, we all stand b4 "God" And make Amanze 4 YR Own Lifes!!! Also, the 'Lord' Doesn't FORCE Us 2 Serve hum? So then how can the GOP, Try to take "Jesus" Job? Will see who "Father God" Has already pre ordained this "Presidenr" Lastly, the Scripture say's 1ST Timothy 25 Vs 1 We R 2 Pray over R Leaders!! That "God" Has Appointed. Heck, weve has to Prat over the Bushes in the Past, bcause that's right!! Blessings Longoria/Hoovers Were in R 50'S And 60'S We Kmow about Life!!
John Jones November 05, 2012 at 02:53 PM
What a crock. It is simple. Vote Romney for America or vote Nobama for the ragheads.
Darla Decker November 05, 2012 at 06:39 PM
Obama all the way!! Guess you all don't care about your friends, family or the children that can't get health care and just have to suffer and die....cause thats what having no insurance options are..I know cause I am one of them.........you all are so worred about him supporting pro choice but what about the rest of us......


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