It Was Republicans Against Democratic Challengers at UPCCA Forum

The UPCCA-sponsored candidate forum drew a number of Peachtree Corners residents Monday who came to hear the incumbents and their challengers during a forum moderated by The Honorable Judge Warren Davis.

The United Peachtree Corners Civic Association (UPCCA) hosted a candidate forum Monday night drawing a number of voters to hear the incumbents and their challengers.

U.S. Representative for the 7th Congressional District Rob Woodall, State Representative Tom Rice (Dist. 95) and Dr. Mary Kay Murphy, County School Board member for Dist. 3 met their challengers in a candidate forum held at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Peachtree Corners.

Their Democratic challengers were Steve Reilly and Brooke Sisken, both Peachtree Corners residents, and Jen Falk from Berkeley Lake. The forum was moderated by the Honorable Judge Warren Davis of Peachtree Corners.

Each candidate was provided a three-minute opening statement, followed by questions in which each had one minute to respond.

In their opening statements Woodall reminded the audience that "We the people still run the show" and endorsed the idea that a strong state-controlled government was better than a federally controlled government.

Reilly, a Peachtree Corners resident for over 20 years, said it was "important that the government get back to building the middle class again and advocated working out reasonable compromises in order to move this country again."

Rice, who has served as the State Representative for the area for the past 16 years, said that he was proud of the bipartisan support he had received on the changes to the ad valorum tax that was passed this year.

Sisken, a resident for 18 years and a small business owner, said that there were three points that she would strive for should she be elected; representing the people, remembering that as a politician she would work for her constituents and would work diligently toward progressing toward creating a partnership in government.

Murphy, who has held the Dist. 3 seat for the past 16 years, said she was proud of the Gwinnett County Public School's triple A bond rating, the fact that it had been accredited with distinction, for receiving the 2010 Broad Prize and the four GCPS charter schools and more planned. "Your tax dollars are going a long way," she said.

Falk, told the audience she was "not a career politician," but had 20 years of human resource and retail business experience and "knows how successful businesses work." She said it was important to improve the 67 percent graduation rate and to reduce the sizes of the classrooms.

The candidates answered a series of questions posed by the audience and then were afforded three minutes for closing comments.

In closing Judge Davis and thanked the three men and three women for their time and answering the audience's question, saying, "Running for office takes commitment, dedication and courage."

Did you attend the forum? If so, did hearing the candidates speak help you in deciding who to vote for?

Larry Hoke October 25, 2012 at 03:20 AM
Where were candidates, H.K. Dido & Louise Radloff, County School Board, District 5?
Annette Rogers October 25, 2012 at 03:39 PM
Larry, Are you and/or others in District 5 now Peachtree Corners residents? I know some of the Norcross Cluster schools are in District 5, as well as Chesney in the Duluth Cluster. If so, do you feel like a Peachtree Corners' "step child" like many in the 30096 Duluth zipcode where the communities attend Berkeley Lake/Duluth schools?
Walter Patterson October 25, 2012 at 08:33 PM
@Jane Hendrix - If following the herd and voting 1,000 times along with the rest of the Board, or voting to increase the compensation package of Wilbanks to include a $1,500 a month for a car, or voting to approve highly overpriced land deals, or voting to approve the leasing of the Central Office after buying the land and selling it or suing over charter schools is being more qualified and more connected, then that is leadership we don't need.
Mary Johnson October 27, 2012 at 09:01 PM
I thought Rob Woodall was awful. He says he doesn't believe that "his constitution contains a right to privacy". Somebody needs to tell Rob Woodall that without privacy, there is NO FREEDOM!
Jane Hendrix October 29, 2012 at 06:59 PM
@ Walter Patterson, I definitely agree with you! It's time for a change in the school board.


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