City Council Moves Ahead With $500,000 Loan

At Tuesday's meeting Peachtree Corners Mayor and Council members also heard updates on phone and IT services for City Hall and progress on the city's website.

It was a busy night for City Council. Its weekly meeting was filled with presentations and reports. And it extended well past 10 p.m. when council moved into executive session.

But before the council moved into executive session to discuss several personnel matters, the city leaders gave the nod to Georgia Commerce Bank for the city's Tax Anticipation Note (TAN) for $500,000. The loan will be used for operating expenses until the city begins collecting tax revenue and franchise fees.

The Georgia-based bank presented the most attractive offer in terms of interest rate and fees.

The council also heard a presentation on the Gwinnett Village CID (Community Improvement District). Chuck Warbington, president of organization, provided the council with an overview of the organization.

A portion of Peachtree Corners falls into the CID district.

The organization is comprised of 600 property owners and 5,000 businesses which have agreed to pay additional taxes for the purpose of enhancing and improving the area of Jimmy Carter Boulevard. The businesses contributions go to landscaping projects and extra security for the area.

Since the Gwinnett Village CID has become involved in the area that encompasses about 14 square miles, "there has been a double digit crime rate reduction since forming the CID," said Warbington.

Warbington asked for the city leaders to get involved with the CID.

Pond & Co.'s Michelle Alexander provided the council with an update on the selection process for the city's Planning Commission which will be comprised of five residents. Alexander said she is working with Lynette Howard (Gwinnett Board of Commissioners, Dist. 2) and city consultant John Kachmar in interviewing and selecting the new members. "Our goal will be to bring recommendations within two weeks," she said.

Council member Christopher offered an update on City Hall. "We're still in the carpet business," she said. "We're still waiting for samples. Jeanne [Aulbach] and I have also met with a number of people for bids on the office equipment."

Rosemary Taylor, the city's communication consultant, brought the council up to date on the improvements and additions she has made to the city's website and offered several suggestions for further improvements.

Taylor said she's somewhat limited with the current program but it is serving the city at this point but further down the line a program that could accept online payments, applications, etc., might better serve the city's needs.

Taylor suggested that "when the city's new logo gets introduced, I would recommend a new website." She also recommended that the city use Constant Contact for sending out monthly newsletters which it plans to launch at some point in the near future.

During the Public Comments portion of the agenda Stephen Barden, a resident who also operates a business in the city, addressed the mayor and council about his concerns in having access to the City Council.

Barden talked about the lack of access to the city leaders other than via email. He maintained that residents and business owners should be provided an address and a phone number to contact the city.

"I don't think this is working," Barden said, claiming that there has been no response to his emails. Barden, an attorney, said he had been trying to get a variance filed for a client and was frustrated in his attempts to go through the proper channels at the county offices. "Is this anyway to run a city?" he asked.

The meeting was held at the on West Jones Bridge Road. The next City Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. at the same location.

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James Welch August 17, 2012 at 11:09 PM
Why don't we give them a little time to get started before we start beating them up this cannot be that easy to do so fast Then if they don't do it correctly we can vote them out and put somebody else in office. Just saying. James Welch
Richard T. August 20, 2012 at 12:46 PM
Just saying, we didn't need this EXTRA LAYER of government in the first place, but so many of you fell for the HOA/PTA line about property values that you decided you needed more government. This year's budget will be the smallest in the history of the city. This years tax hike to support this unnecessary layer of government will also be the smallest in history. The government's gonna get bigger, and the tax bill is gonna get bigger. How much time do we need to give them before it gets TOO BIG???


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