City Off To Good Start in First Full Year in Operation

The City of Peachtree Corners issued 382 new business licenses and handled 518 code enforcement cases in 2013.

Peachtree Corners Community Development Director Diana Wheeler released a 2013 report with year end statistics on the city.
Peachtree Corners Community Development Director Diana Wheeler released a 2013 report with year end statistics on the city.
With a full year operating as a city, the City of Peachtree Corners Community Development Director Diana Wheeler has released some interesting stats on how the city's first full year stacks up.

"Not all of the city's services were fully in place throughout the year," stated Wheeler in her report to City Council. "Code enforcement, for example was not fully staffed until August, and the city's new trash collection service had not been implemented by year end."

However, there is still 12 months of data collected to use as a base line to use as comparison for future reports.

Here are highlights from Wheeler's 2013 report:

Permits and Certificates of Occupancies Issued
Total Residential Permits: 182
Total Comercial Permits: 467
Total Sign Permits: 149
Total Certificates of Occupancy: 93

Building Division Activity
Total Permits Issued: 804
Total Inspections Performed: 1,753
Total Plans Reviewed: 979

Residential Permits
New Home: 52
Additions/renovations: 120

Code Enforcement Cases
Total Number of Cases: 518
Total Commercial Cases: 266
Total Residential Cases: 252
Total Notices of Violations: 220

Code Enforcement Compliance
Summons Issued: 16
Court Cases Adjudicated: 10
Voluntary Compliance: 300

Code Enforcement Cases by Type
Property Maintenance: 65
Trash: 44
Vacant Bldg./Land: 14
Junk Car/Parking: 54
High Weeds/Grass: 45
Signs: 75
Outdoor Storage: 26
RV/Non-motor Vechicle: 35
Business License: 162

Business Licenses
Buisness License Renewals: 1,897
New Business Licenses: 382
Licenses Discontinued or Expired: 39
Licenses Pending: 483

Editor's note: This is not a comprehensive list, but are highlights from a detailed report submitted to City Council on Jan. 21. 2014.

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Allan Peel January 24, 2014 at 12:24 PM
I'm curious to know if similar statistics are available for prior years under Gwinnett county management of the same territory. These are not likely available, but makes me wonder if these numbers are higher, lower, or about the same. Without some basis for comparison, how do we know if this is a good indicator of the city lite concept working or not? Not trying to start a flame war, just curious, that's all!
Richard T. January 24, 2014 at 12:47 PM
I'm wondering why these numbers are described as success. It looks me like another unnecessary layer of oppressive government forcing itself on the taxpayers, and yes all the fes or whatever else they are euphemistically referred to are, in the end, taxes. Do we really ned another oppressive layerof uunnecessary government. I'm not obsessive/compulsive and therefore have no need to create and use an unnecessary layer of government to tell people how I want them to live.


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