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Simpson Elementary Student Recognized

Susanna Lowe, a third grade student the Peachtree Corners school, is Peachtree Corners Rotary Club's Student of the Month.

At one of its weekly meeting recently, the Peachtree Corners Rotary Club recognized Susanna Lowe, who attends Simpson Elementary School, as its student of the month.

A proclamation was presented which pronounced:

Simpson Elementary is proud to recognize Susanna Lowe from Ms. Julius’ third grade class as our Rotary Student of the Month.

Susanna has attended Simpson Elementary since kindergarten, and we are very proud of the exceptional learner and leader she has become and will continue to be at Simpson. 

As a learner, she accepts every challenge given to her by her teachers.  While those kinds of expectations and demands might be enough for some, Susanna is also motivated to push herself even further by taking on challenge activities and assignments in the classroom.  Whatever the task, Susanna strives to be the best at it.  She shows an enthusiasm for learning and works hard each and every day.

This year, Susanna has exemplified stellar leadership and hard work.  She shows this dedication by setting the behavioral and academic example for her fellow classmates.  She is always noticed for her exceptional hallway and classroom behavior. 

Susanna also truly understands the meaning of lending a helping hand and cooperation.  She can work with any student or group of students with understanding and leadership.  She is always concerned about her fellow classmates and seeks to help them in any way she can.

Susanna is truly a Simpson Superstar!

We are honored that Susanna Lowe is the Rotary’s Student of the Month.  She is an outstanding young lady who reflects Simpson Elementary’s Superstar Norms and Standards of Leadership.

The Peachtree Corners Rotary Club meet each Monday at 12:00 p.m. at the Carlyle House in Norcross, visit the club's website for additional information.


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